Per Project

Flat Fee*

You deserve peace of mind for more than just your legal issues - you also deserves peace of mind when it comes to your legal fees. Per project flat fee pricing provides predictability for your business so you can rest easy knowing exactly how much you will be paying for your legal services.

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Monthly Flat Fee

Outside General Counsel*

The Outside General Counsel program provides you with the benefits and peace of mind of an "on-call" attorney for your legal issues on a monthly flat fee basis. You will no longer have to put off calling a lawyer out of fear of starting the billable time meter.

We will establish a mutually beneficial flat fee structure and scope of services that aligns our incentives. Price typically ranges from $500-$2,500 per month and covers contract review and drafting, intellectual property issues, employment matters, regulatory compliance, and more.

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Hourly Billing

Most law firms bill by the hour. Daniel Weiss Law, P.A. tries to avoid hourly billing because it’s less predictable for clients. But for some projects that are large or otherwise uncertain in scope, hourly billing may be the only feasible method.

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*All prices, packages, and services described on this page are for information purposes only. Each package has a cap on the number of hours available under the package (contact us to learn more about hour caps). The packages do not constitute an offer to perform legal services. The scope, price, and hour cap of the packages may change at any time and/or may be declined at any time. The only way to engage Daniel Weiss Law, P.A. or its attorneys is to speak to an attorney at the firm and sign an engagement letter with the firm. If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please contact us.

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